Meet The Team

Amazing Transformations Weight Loss Center

Dr. Thomas Koehler, DC, CCSP

Welcome to Amazing Transformations Weight Loss center! My name is Dr. Thomas Koehler DC, CCSP and I’ve been a private practice board certified chiropractic physician for over 30 years. I am a member of the American chiropractic Association, American College of sports physicians and the Illinois chiropractic society. I am a board-certified chiropractic sports physician and Primary Spine care qualified through the Academy of Chiropractic.

As many of you are aware a major portion of chiropractic practice focuses on the treatment of neuro-muscular skeletal injuries. Obesity, even in our children is a major health crisis in our country.  Unfortunately, conditions of the spine and joints of the body are complicated by obesity. Stress, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, overuse of medication, heart disease, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and cancer-all of these health conditions are caused or complicated by being overweight.

Prior to opening Amazing Transformations Weight Loss Center I researched many weight loss programs. My goals were to find a personalized, people friendly program with the best tasting foods that achieved positive results along a large cross section of ages. This program above all needed to be affordable. This is Amazing Transformations!

We offer over 200 varieties of great tasting foods and have one on one professional lifetime coaching at no additional cost. Many of our clients and their doctors are amazed that a weight loss program actually gets measurable medical results -we do this by looking at your before and after labs – which by the way are included in your very modest program Fee. Let us help you improve your confidence ,increase your energy, change your mood and transform your life. You will be Amazed!!

Debbie O’Connor, Director

Debbie O'ConnorMy name is Deborah O’Connor, and I am the Director of Amazing Transformations Weight Loss Center. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work with a Minor in Psychology. I have been working in the HealthCare Field for over 30 years. I’m passionate about empowering people with the knowledge they need to excel with achieving their individual goals.

The Amazing Transformations weight loss method works! It has been proven to work through all of our successful clients and I am one of those success stories! 

I have never been more successful with my own weight loss and maintained since I participated with the program over 5 years ago. Not only did I reach my goal weight, I was amazed with my overall improved health and wellness. That is why I was so excited to become the Director of Amazing Transformations – because I truly understand the amazing potential this program offers to all! I understand the challenges, but most of all I know the feeling of success and accomplishment-and I want to help you feel the same.

I will be that coach you can always count on and trust to provide you the best in weight management care!!!

Let Amazing Transformation Weight Loss help you improve your confidence, increase your energy, change your mood, and transform your life.  You will be Amazed!!