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This program was so easy to follow and the coaching service was extremely helpful. The food is delicious.  Not only did I lose weight and reach my goal, I learned how to keep it off. If you are ready to get healthy and tired of the yo-yo diet. I highly recommend this program.

Debbie O.

Weight Loss Center in Bourbonnais is wonderful and has truly caring and awesome coaches.

Cheri B.

This is the best clinic to lose weight. I have always struggled to lose weight. I am off of my diabetic meds because of the type odd diet plan. You don’t even feel that your dieting. They have the best food recipes also.

Kimberly C.

It works and the food is great. Staff is top notch. Thanks and happy holidays.

Ryan S.

The Weight Loss Center of Bourbonnais has a wonderful staff of supportive counselors. They offer great suggestions to keep you on the path to better and healthier lifestyle. Thank you for all of the help you gave to me.

Helen C.