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Doctor Supervised Weight Loss in Bourbonnais, IL

Losing weight and getting into a proper health and wellness routine can be very overwhelming at the start. The weight loss program provided at Amazing Transformations Weight Loss Center is an all-encompassing program that is customized to the needs of each client. The team of professionals provides weight loss plans tailored to each individual to help clients reach their weight and wellness goals.

The focus? Long term maintenance for the healthy lifestyle with FREE lifetime coaching.

Common Factors that Lead to Weight Gain

While the most common cause of weight gain is overeating, there are several secondary causes that may also contribute to gaining weight and make it harder to lose it. These causes include but are not limited to:

  • Lack of nutritional knowledge
  • Metabolic or hormonal dysfunction
  • Genetics
  • Certain medications
  • Engineered junk foods
  • Food addictions/emotional eating/over eating
  • Diet high in simple carbohydrates
  • Psychological factors
  • Some diseases such as hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, and PCOS
  • Lack of activity

Amazing Transformations Weight Loss Center Provides Positive Results that Help Clients Shed Pounds and Teach Clients to Keep the Weight Off!

At Amazing Transformations, it’s not about losing weight. It’s about living! The doctor supervised weight loss program is a one-of-a-kind program as it includes pre- and post-lab work, individualized coaching, support, accountability, nutritional supplementation and dietary modification in the form of partial meal replacements—all of which are personalized to each individual. The process is simple and pressure-free. The team will review your health history, weight loss goals and prior successes and failures. Amazing Transformations helps you choose the appropriate duration of the weight loss program based on your needs, goals and which aspects you choose to implement. Once the program is complete, the team will help integrate these changes into your life in order to help you achieve a weight loss goal that is both long term and sustainable.

Supplements Provided at Amazing Transformations Weight Loss Center

More often than not, your body just doesn’t have the necessary nutritional tools to actually heal the body or prevent disease. The right supplements help the body to function, heal after injury and bring internal balance to your whole system. Amazing Transformations Weight Loss Center offers Metabolic Management supplements at its Bourbonnais weight loss center as the team understands the importance of high-quality supplements and other nutritional products—they are the building blocks that help create a whole diet plan and should not be overlooked.

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Individualized, Free Lifetime Coaching at Amazing Transformations Weight Loss Center

Changing habits is hard. At Amazing Transformations, weekly, one-on-one coaching is provided to not only motivate and guide clients through each step of their health journey but to help clients improve health and wellbeing with the right mindset. Each client is provided with the necessary tools and resources that are unique to them and their coaching program—tailored to provide them with the specific results they are looking for.

Not only will our clients receive weekly coaching but they will receive LIFETIME coaching at no additional charge!

Amazing Transformations Weight Loss Center provides a low carb, low fat, low calorie program that are both delicious and nutritious. There are a variety of delicious meal replacement options to choose from, so clients will never grow tired of their delicious meals! The meals are made up of quality sourced ingredients that meet the highest standards of taste and nutrition.

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